September 12, 2009

Appliqué Headband with Millinery Netting

See original post and follow-up post for reference.

Here, I'm making a headband with appliqué using similar techniques from the previous tutorials, and incorporating a "rosette" made from black millinery netting (birdcage veiling).

Millinery Netting (I used black Russian netting this time)
Thread and Needle
Felt (optional)
Glue (I use stinky E6000, I bought a new tube with a pointy tip)

Step 1 - Glue the ribbon to the outside of the headband (I used velvet ribbon for this headband). Set aside.

Step 2 - Cut a piece of millinery netting. This is 17 inches long and 2.5 inches wide.

Step 3 - Thread needle and tie a knot at one end of the raw (cut) edge of millinery netting. Weave thread in and out of each hole.

Step 4 - Continue weaving the thread to the end of the netting, and gather gently.

Step 5 - Here, I overlapped the ends of the netting and stitched the sides shut.

Step 6 - After cutting a small circle of felt that was a little bit smaller than my appliqué, I stitched the gathered millinery edges to the felt for reinforcement.

Step 7 - Switching to thread that matched the appliqué, I sewed the appliqué to the felt, sandwiching the netting in between.

Back view
Step 8 - See Step 2 and Step 5 of original post for finishing the inside, but note that I did not leave an opening with this project.

Step 9 - Glue appliqué and netting to headband at desired location!


Kelly said...

it's really cute! I love it although if I wore something like this my 1 y/o son would be facinated by it and rip it off my head!

veronika said...

i am absolutely IN LOVE with this piece!

m a said...

Thanks!! This one was fun to figure out.

Deanna said...

I love this. I was looking at making some headbands with netting. They are so fun. Thanks!